Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Holy Toledo!

October 19 -20, 2009

The very first Board of Education to receive the NEW BoardDocs was Toledo Public Schools. We are so excited to finally begin to share this with everyone. The folks at Toledo Public Schools said "we want to be the first district to use the NEW BoardDocs." They are helping us to "fine tune" it so it's ready for everyone very soon.

Ari, Michael, Dawn and Laura were all on hand in Toledo to celebrate the first implementation and training. We loved that the board members were excited and willing to become the first Board of Education in the Nation to use the New BoardDocs! I had fun training them, watching their reactions as I showed them all the new cool things they can do.

Of course -- we love to share BoardDocs, but we also love visiting and learning about the cities and districts we are training...as Laura puts it, "It's all about the food!"

Who can come to Toledo Ohio and NOT have a meal at Tony Packo's.

All the food was terrific and WORTH all the calories!

Such wonderful folks at Toledo Public Schools. We are so thankful that they agreed to be the first district and to help us get it ready for all of you!

Thanks Toledo!

P.S. Nice shoes Cheryl!


  1. "Such wonderful folks at Toledo Public Schools."

    Hey, I second that motion! Get it? I made a board joke!

    Seriously, thanks to everyone in Toledo for...well, everything. It was wonderful experience for all of us - and Dawn wasn't kidding about the food...

    Best to all.


  2. Hey - finally figuring out how to Blog! -and getting the time to do it. Thanks to all from BoardDocs. The training was great - BoardDocs is great. Just saw Ari and Christine last week in Columbus at a conference. We are working on our 2nd Board Meeting on BoardDocs. Its been very easy to learn. Great support from BoardDocs staff! Can you post the picture of my shoes....? It's all about the shoes ya know.

  3. ps - I love my picture on this blog....or lack of. It's like I'm in the BoardDocs witness protection program. Since everyone wants to be me, the Rock Star. Love it!!