Thursday, December 17, 2009

Do Live Oak Trees Grow at 5280 Feet?

Probably not, but the Denver Public Schools located in the Mile High City have their roots firmly planted with BoardDocs. Project manager John Kechriotis was so anxious to get BoardDocs implemented, he did not want to wait until the software was out of beta, HE WANTED IT NOW!

So with a little work and schedule shifting, we were able to do an accelerated implementation. Tiffany Lambalot turned out to be an exceptional student and after only 4 hours of training, had two complete meetings in the system and a big head start on the January meeting. Another success and paperless in ONE DAY!

The BoardDocs team will return in January to train the board members and the rest of the staff, but if you drive down Grant Street in Denver, you just may see a new Live Oak growing in the snow. I think it looks a lot like the BoardDocs logo.

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