Friday, February 26, 2010

David and Dawn - The Ohio Tour!

Two districts were trained in the new BoardDocs in the same week! First one up...Groveport Madison School District which is just southeast of downtown Columbus.

David and I wrestled the weather the first day of training. I flew into Columbus Ohio on the tail end of yet ANOTHER winter storm. David's plane never even made it to Columbus. He landed in Detroit and that is where Delta Airlines wanted him to stay....for 2 more days!

David of course would have none of that nonsense. He and another stranded soul rented a car and drove through the storm together to Columbus. Rental car companies didn't have a wide array of choices that night, so he drove an economy car through the storm. YIKES!!!! (My jetski has more horsepower than the car he drove.)

He made it safely to Columbus ready to implement Groveport Madison School District. There was just on tiny little problem, the document publisher was snow bound at home. In fact, the only two people at the district were the superintendent and the business manager. We rolled up our sleeves, took off our boots and went to work showing them their site. Oh, did I mention that the training for the board was first evening also. All showed, All loved it!

Next up? Middletown Ohio...the same week!

We traveled for about 2 hours from Columbus. Middletown School District is located, well, midway between Dayton and Cincinnati. Guess that's how they got their name.

The mascot for Middletown is a "Middie". Cute huh?

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