Friday, February 5, 2010

West Mifflin Area..Yep, that's in Pittsburgh!

I'm always surprised at Pittsburgh..home of the Steelers, the's a big metropolitan city. Did you know it's a very hilly city...never knew that before visiting there.

45 minutes south of the Pittsburgh airport is West Mifflin, PA, home of West Mifflin School District. David and I traveled there on a cold February day. The district is housed in the same building as the city government, sharing resources which is a great idea. They use the same room for the Board of Directors and the City Council meetings.

The district is very excited with all the BoardDocs features, saving time and money for district staff and board members.

The first evening after training concluded David and I went to Amels for dinner. Amels Restaurant was highly recommended by Judy, the document publisher. Boy, she was right! What a great dinner that night and very reasonable too. If you love Syrian food, this is your place. Just look for the neon genie!

Then next day, after the feast at Amels, David wanted to eat a light salad for lunch....but what a salad he had. French fries on sandwiches are a trademark of Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh but french fries on a SALAD? Yep, only in Pittsburgh!

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  1. Neon genie?! Now that is something I have never seen!