Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chandler AZ - Storm of the Century

Is it mere coincidence that the storm of the century in Phoenix, Arizona took place during Chandler Unified School District's conversion to the all new BoardDocs? I think not. Mother nature was aligned with us as we swept in and changed the face of agenda creation once again. Ok, flew in, which rhymes with blew in, which is exactly what the wind did.

Ari, Dawn, David and I went to Arizona to work with our Friend Donna Nigh - Document Publisher. Wait, David? Who is this David you ask? David Adkins is our newest BoardDocs Implementation Specialist. David joined the team officially on January 18th. He has hit the ground running, as they say, and is picking up the BoardDocs universe at a blazingly fast pace. David has a great background and brings so much to our team. Hopefully you will all get to meet him at the workshop in Atlanta this September (please note, make plans to attend workshop in September in Atlanta).

So, Chandler is a large district with plenty of agenda item submitters and approvers. The new system was well received by all, especially the board members. They really like the all new interface and ease of navigation the new BoardDocs offers.

Dawn did an awesome job of presenting the information to Donna and Mary Lou. Ari was there to make sure any technical issues or questions were quickly addressed and put to rest. He's the best.

Most notable during our visit to Phoenix was the wind - incredible wind, the likes of which I've only seen during tornadoes and hurricanes. It was scary. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people in the Phoenix area that were impacted by the horrible weather.

The food note for this trip was grapefruit from Donna's house!

They were fabulous, juicy, sweet, tart, perfect! That's David Adkins in the photo, our newest Implementation Specialist!

On to the next destinations. For me that means Fairfax, Virginia for the first regional conversion training session!

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