Sunday, January 17, 2010

Roanoke City School District Loves BoardDocs!

Roanoke City Schools had their first meeting in BoardDocs. I received a wonderful note from Cindy the document publisher. She had a change to an agenda item 1 hour prior to the board meeting and was able to make the change very quickly and easily. She just loves it!

Such wonderful people at their district. Everyone was so concerned since I was driving for a few hours at night after training. Just the "hint" of snow shuts down the town. It's so cute.


It's pretty cold in January. People in the southern U.S. don't exactly handle the cold very well. No fault of theirs, they are just warm weather people.

I found out that airlines don't handle the cold weather all that well either.

Today's pop quiz: How many boarding passes does it take to fly from Greensboro N.C. to St. Louis on a frigid January day? Evidently 8! It took 9 hours to fly home. I had canceled flights, delayed flights, and an "almost didn't make it" flight.

I can't wait until the spring; maybe I'll only need 2 boarding passes to get home :-)

Next up: Chandler Arizona's conversion!

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