Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Washington State School Directors' Association Begins Going Paperless with BoardDocs

If you've read my earlier post in this blog, I love to travel to Washington State. So I was excited to return to Washington and train WSSDA, the Washington State School Directors' Association. WSSDA serves 1,477 locally elected school board members.

The board members live all over the state of Washington which presents its own set of challenges. Getting board packets distributed to all board members wasn't an easy or pleasant task. Now, with BoardDocs board members simply login to their secure website giving them instant access to their board meeting, board policies and a host of new library items. Think of it as an eGovernance headquarters for all the Washington State School Director's Association Board.

Terri is the document publisher at WSSDA. She is absolutely thrilled with her new found tool to help her prepare board meeting agendas, weekly updates, polices and much more!

They are well on their way to go paperless. It was my pleasure to help.

Next up for me??? West Mifflin PA - just outside of Pittsburg.

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